It’s Not Complicated

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It's Not Complicated

I’d like to share this recent experience we had at the office. I thought it highlighted to gate owners the need to make sure your gates are managed by professionals, a company you can build a relationship with, basically, people you can trust!

We had a concerned call into the office, not someone we had worked for before, I might add. They’d received our contact details by way of a recommendation from an existing client, which is always nice.

The client had been experiencing some problems from a recent gate installation, she wasn’t getting the service to resolve the situation and wanted a second opinion. So, we made a visit to the installation fitted by (A.N.Other) to check out some of the issues the client had described.

It wasn’t long before we found the cause of the client’s concerns and the root of the problem and recommended the solution.

I must say at this point that whilst it’s easy sometimes to pick holes in others handy work just to elevate your standing with a potentially new customer, this is not one of those occasions, this was just poor; I don’t care about my job, the customer or my professionalism poor! This was just pure laziness and poor workmanship; it has no place in our profession! I’d be incandescent if we had declared this sort of workmanship as a finished product!

Problem Identified in the Pictures Above

  • In the picture the red circle shows where the corner of the foundation box cover lid has been cut away, this has been done to route the motor cable to the junction box – poor workmanship.
  • The blue circle shows the new motor cable that has not even been fitted through a gland into the junction box. This also shows the old conduit with the cut-down cable inside – poor workmanship.
  • The foundation box lid is partly there to prevent debris entering the foundation box, cutting the corner out of the lid now allows debris inside.
  • Not fitting a gland to the cable allows insect and water ingress, as well as the cable not being secure.
  • Also, we found the motor cable loose in the connector


The correct fitting would have been to excavate around the rear of the foundation box, drill a hole through the foundation box at low level from the inside to run new conduit through, whilst fitting a gland on the cable.

Oh yes, tighten the loose cable in the motor!

It’s not complicated!