Office Relocation 2018 & 2019

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Office Relocation

Office Relocation – One Year Later!

Office Relocation – Tempest fugit, meaning “time flies”. We have almost completed a full year at our new offices and I can hardly believe it. I was once told that we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what can be achieved in a year, I now really understand the importance of this statement.

We moved offices last year for all of the right reasons as set down in my previous report. Client property access by road, room for business growth, the development of our Customer Service function, and so on. I’m pleased to report that the key targets we set ourselves last year have been achieved by the team, and in many cases surpassed, we are very proud of each of them, well done Team!

Key Highlights over the Year

We made additional investment in our Gate & Barrier software system, probably the single most important development in the past 3 years, designed for us, and for our industry. It not only allows us to manage the mechanics of the business, all those moving parts, it provides valuable strategic feedback on the work to the gates & barriers we’ve manage to date, making sure that our planned maintenance is in the forefront of our minds.

Another reason the system is so significant – it permits us to be much better at reactive work & emergencies. In the round, it allows us to be slicker in delivering our key services. Reducing our “cost to serve”, thus making sure our pricing model continues to offer best value whilst maintaining a top service, in all aspects.

Our commitment to our field-based team has been significant since the move, with a greater focus on training and customer care. We believe that investing in people and the right technology will pay dividends to both the customer and the business in the coming years.

Next Year’s Key Objectives

We have big plans for the coming year 2019. We firmly believe in the actions we’ve taken in 2018, creating a very firm foundations for the business and the people that work here. We see a new level of service and customer care that will be “best in breed”, taking our service to the next level in the industry.

Also, we are considering a number of new services we can offer our clients, whilst still looking to promote some of the key initiatives from 2018, such as the Emergency Key Box and the Free Risk Assessment to Schools & Businesses .

The response we’ve had from the animal adventure stories has been excellent! And as they become available, we intend to keep the stories coming… I’ve included some of the links to those that might have missed them, for your amusement, we do like them!

Finally, we have been blessed this year with very positive customer feedback! Please keep that coming, it will only make us better at what we do for you!

Here’s to 2019 – let us make it a good year for us all!

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