Gate Maintenance Contract Quoting

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1 - Gate Maintenance Contracts.

Gate maintenance contract – please can I have a price?

We are frequently asked by customers to give a quote for a gate maintenance contract for one or more of their sites.

When we submit a quote by return, they often ask “Don’t you need to carry out a site visit?”

It started us thinking as to why this might be the case.

So we thought we would explain a little bit more about how the automated gate industry handles this issue in particular, complementing our information about why gate companies are often not local.

2 - Need To Know.

What do gate companies need to know to quote?

In fact, very little is required to allow us to quote.

  • The site address – you would be amazed how often this vital piece of information is not supplied. We need to know how far away the site is and if any extra costs are involved, such as the London congestion zone.


  • How many visits you would like carried out in a year?



  • What equipment you would like covered, for example gate; intercom etc?


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Is that it?

At Pearly Gate Maintenance, this is truly all we need to know to allow us to issue a fixed price maintenance contract quote.

Any more information is clearly useful such as access codes, especially when the contract is awarded but at this stage, we can price with confidence.

4 - Google Maps.

How can we do it?

Google Maps is an invaluable tool for us, as it often allows us to look at the gate on site.  This in turn means we can confirm with the customer that we are quoting the correct location.

5 - Google Man.

All we do is drop the little man on the man and check out the view.  Granted it is not 100% perfect, as often the maps are out of date or the gate is located away from the road but it is a good starting point.

If we cannot see the gate, as long as we have been supplied with the four key pieces of information above, we can quote with confidence.


 6 - MOT

What do I get for my money?

Given recent events, the most important reason to have any automated gate under a maintenance contract is to comply with one of the HSE recommendations for gate safety.

Knowing your gate is being serviced by a professional gate maintenance company protects not only the users of the gate and other people in its vicinity, such as children but it also illustrates that you are a responsible custodian of the site.

A gate service is very similar to the MOT test on a car, which is a condition check and report on the day.

On agreed dates, an experienced gate service engineer will travel to the site and carry out a gate service.  This will include items such as

  • A comprehensive visual check of the gate.


  • Lubrication of moving components.


  • Confirmation that all the recommended safety devices are present and working.


  • All fixings and brackets are sound and secure.


  • Access control systems are working.


  • Electrical components are operational and protected.

This list is not exhaustive but it does give you some idea of what is involved.  Very few parts are required, perhaps a replacement battery or bolt and the length of time to service a gate is known to gate maintenance companies.

Therefore, we know how long we will be onsite to service and can price the gate maintenance contract with confidence.

7 - Who To Go With

Who to appoint?

As prices are fixed, going with the cheapest may seem the most logical choice.  However, beware of this, as you should consider the gate companies technical capability, reliability and ease to deal with.  Saving a couple of pounds on a maintenance contract but having residents complaining about the gate being out of action for weeks on end will be of little comfort.