Automated Gates & Relocation!

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Automated Gates

A relocation exercise is underway! Pearly Gate Maintenance Ltd has invested in new premises to make life easier and even more agreeable for their clients. Pearly Gate Maintenance now in its 2nd year has grown in popularity beyond expectations. The founder Directors Paul Edwards & Ritchie Bignell set out a vision focused on planned and reactive service levels to automated gates, and how to take customer servce to the next level in the industry.

The results speak for themselves with new premises, as well as office and field staff joining the team in the New Year, the future certainly looks good for Pearly clients.

A spokesman for Pearly Gate Maintenance said: “We have made a number of key decisions in our short existence, for example; developing our own business system to help us deliver an excellent service to our clients. Investing in our own software was a great move for us, and we see this relocation into bigger and more strategically based premises in the same way. Ultimately, it’s all about the customer and how we can best manage their needs.”

With even more improvements on the way, it underlines the commitment to serving their customers in 2018. It also looks like with this level of focus PGM are set to burn ever more brightly in the years to come!

Pearly Gate’s website is packed with features that aim to make managing automated gates easy. They have also invested in excellent safety videos to help illuminate the potential hazards on electric gates, especially in schools.

Currently on the Pearly Gate website they offer a FREE Gate Safety Review, it’s aimed at schools predominantly but I’m sure it will apply to anyone needing help with their automated gates. ( The service looks to help spot potential hazards and even help with Insurance claims, all part of their commitment to customer service.

Pearly Gate Maintenance is moving, not just to new premises but to a whole new level of customer service. They offer free advice and surveys for those with automated gates. They provide planned and reactive servicing and a team to support your every need.

Find out more about Pearly Gate Maintenance Ltd today by visiting their website or email: