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Our Head Office Location

We are often asked as part of an initial inquiry, “where are you based?”

Interestingly, Google Searches focus on local business and services, it assumes and, in its way, educates that everything you need is close by. Whilst we would like all our jobs to be close to our location, we realised a long time ago that is not very realistic, not just for us, but for any company looking to provide a service in the automated gate industry.

So, we decided to explain a little bit about how the electric gate industry is structured and works.

Different Flavours of Gate Companies UK wide

In general, gate companies UK wide offer a range of services, from full installation and after sales support to those that focus on Maintenance and Emergency Call Outs, like us.

Sometimes you find that other organisations from associated industries such as Fencing; CCTV and Alarms etc. will also offer automated gate services, we call this the “Jack of all Trades” approach.

In our experience, the best gate companies focus on their core service, in our case this means electric gate maintenance. We couple this approach with strong partnering arrangements with other companies who we consider to be experts in their own field, should we have the need.

The net result is the customer gets a one-stop shop for ease of communication and administration, as well as the benefits of expert support from professional organisations.

How Large are Gate Maintenance Companies?

Most gate maintenance companies are relatively small, ranging from the one man (or woman) in a van through to businesses with up to 50 employees.

Larger organisations might have a division within their corporate structure that is gate related but again, it will be relatively small when compared to the total number of people it employs.

What About National Coverage?

Whilst you may see websites stating full National cover, normally this is going to be either a large corporate entity which has a small subsidiary or a set of independent businesses which have agreed to support each other.

We must stress that there is nothing wrong at all in this approach, however we are aware of only a small number of genuine organisations that effectively cover all the UK.

Automated Gate Companies UK Footprint

It is Estimated that there are around 280,000 automated gates in the UK.

Typically, one-man bands will tend to focus on their local area only, say a 50-mile radius of their base, especially if they reside near a major city such as London, where there are literally thousands of gates. Otherwise, most gate companies UK approach will take a regional view, covering a larger area with a number of employed engineers.

Pearly Gate Maintenance covers London, the Home Counties and the South East of England.

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