The Frogs Blabbed

James CampbellControl Box, Planned Maintenance, Risk Assessment, video

Electric Gate Risk Assessment So far, this year we have dealt with Frogs & Toads, Slugs and a myriad of other animals wishing to make a comfy home out of a gate Control Boxes and the Foundation Boxes. Just as a reminder we posted earlier this year 1. The Slug Cook Out – 2. The Frog & Toad Mix-up … Read More

A Fried Control Board Stops The Gate Working

Ritchie BignellControl Box

What is it? This is the description applied when the control board has suffered serious burn damage. Unfortunately it is not a part of a traditional full English breakfast. What happens? Initially, the gate stops working, which may be accompanied with the smell of burning or the throwing of the circuit breaker or trip at the electrical distribution box. Usually, … Read More

Control Board Damaged By A Slug

Ritchie BignellControl Box

What is it? This is a description applied when a slug or snail has slid across the control board, shorting it out. Unfortunately it is not the title of an obscure Children’s novel. This is one we found recently inside the controls cabinet. What happens? The gardeners reading this will be pleased to know that it usually kills the slug or … Read More

Control Box Wiring Looks Like A Birds Nest

James CampbellControl Box

control box

Birds Nest Wiring – This is a description applied when the inside of the control box is extremely messy, resembling a birds nest. However, occasionally an actual birds nest is found inside the control box, as it is nice and dry in there, a good safe place to raise chicks out of reach from the local cats. Why is it … Read More